Ђ Breaking down the facts on FEA

FEA’s logo of a person standing on the threshold of knowledge represents the organization’s philosophy of personal development and growth through education.

Our primary function is one of stimulating growth and development which will have a positive impact on the lives of persons with developmental disabilities.

As the organization continues to develop, it is essential to maintain a firm foundation.  This foundation will allow FEA to develop and nurture new ideas, support existing community services, and to reach out to address potential needs.

FEA’s commitment is to provide opportunity for adults with disabilities to participate in everyday living experiences that permit development to the highest potential, affording consumers a feeling of comfort and confidence in a service which offers direction, support and guidance.

FEA is a community-based day program that serves adults who:

  •  are in the process of acquiring self-help skills
  •  generally need sustained support and direction in developing the ability to interact with others
  • need support to make their needs known.
  • need support to respond to instructions.

Our focus is to development and maintenance of the functional skills required for self-advocacy, community integration, employment, and self-care.

FEA provides services to people considered to have disabilities. Those we serve typically learn in a significantly different fashion than most; usually engage in behaviors considered objectionable by those around them; often have no developed system and skills for communication to and from others; and, frequently have difficulties with sensory input and/or physical performance. When people considered to have disabilities have not yet learned an important life skill (e.g., eating, toileting, leisure engagement, communication, recreation) and/or engage in behavior that others find objectionable or that may create danger for themselves or others (e.g., failure to perform activities, unacceptable physical contact), we seek to provide remediation of effectiveness for each individual.

We insist on providing assistance to the person to the greatest degree possible in naturally occurring situations. We stress skill development in the areas of leisure engagement, communication, community participation, productive work and/or schoolwork, and self care. A primary essential goal in all instances is to maximize the degree to which we can assist individuals to become as responsive to and interactive with others as possible.

FEA Inc. 3125 Presidential Parkway
Atlanta, GA

Direct Phone number: 770-986-4881
Fax number: 770-986-4882